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BitraWeb from BitMax.dk

A solid base for the start of your Intranet, and further extend your platform.

BitraWeb is developed in PHP and with data in a MySQL database.
BitraWeb is an open system and is easy to implement on the server.
If you have exsisting .PHP applications they can be added easily and fully into the BitraWeb security framework.

BitraWeb customers :
Hrumpf.dk - Standard administration in BitraWeb and modified presentation pages
Festinvitation.dk - Standard bitraWeb for administration and user authorization. New presentation pages.

BitraWeb key features :

User administration:
  • Creating/Deleting modifying users
  • Group administration, add users to a group, and give the group acces to pages
  • Page administration, configure individual groups with different access levels to different pages
  • Each application have an individual number of pages, with individual access level
  • Some users can manage and configure applications while other users only have usage access to the application
  • Runs on Windows and Unix/Linux
  • Developed and teste on PHP versions 4.1.x+ and 5.x
  • MySQL Database version 3.x, 4.x and 5.x
  • Tested on Microsoft Internet server and Apache
  • News distribution: Internal and external news
  • Calender: Shows internal and external events
  • Software library: Customers can download the newest software from your site
  • Forum application: This forum can handle unlimited number of forums and posts. Each forum can be visible for one or more groups. Private forums and public views
  • Project handling: Create projects, sub projects and tasks for the subproject, assign a worker. Keep track of completion percentage and status on each task
  • Time registration: Create cases for registrations based on projects. Register time on the single case and keep track of time usage

Contact Frank Mortensen for futher information and demonstration.

2003-01-04 23:22:16 / Frank Mortensen